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Eleady Women Workout Slimming Waist Trainer Belt

Eleady Women Workout Slimming Waist Trainer Belt

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Best Sweating Waist Trainer for women workout in ELEADY, made of high-quality neoprene, super body shaping and sweating effect. 

Product Details

  • Inner Layer: 100% Neoprene.
    Professional hot sauna neoprene inside provide a crazy sweating effect.
  • Outer Layer: 100% Polyester
    Front velcro firmly fix it to prevent rolling. External double elastic band enhance the product high compression effect.

Simple and Fashion Design
Thickened rubber strips support your waist and correct posture.  Suitable for cardio in the gym and daily posture correction at home.

  • 3-layer composite fabric make you sweat and slim down.
  • 5 waist bones made of Thickened Rubber Strips. No stimulation, No injury, strong support for your waist.

Suitable for all day wear

  • Sweating during exercise, tighten the waist muscles, protect muscles and bones from being strained.
  • During work and leisure, you can wear it to prevent injury caused by incorrect posture, re-correct your posture.
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